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Based in Singapore, we provide matching services for students who require home tuition.

Carefully selected, we have a large number of qualified and experienced tutors that can offer reasonable fees.

Looking for a tutor is easy. Simply fill out the Tutor Request form, or browse through the profiles of suitable tutors with Search Tutors for your ideal tutor.


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The rates shown here are the average rates quoted by the tutors in that category over the last 6 months. Actual rates may vary depending on tuition location, tutor's experience and qualification.

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AGrader is a tuition agency, providing a matching service for students who require home tuition. Based in Singapore, our database of home tutors is growing daily giving parents a greater variety of choices so that they can decide on the best person to accompany their kid on his learning journey. We now have close to 13 000 tutors for you to choose from, all of whom are carefully selected based on their experience, specialisation and teaching styles.

Having been in the business since 2005, we have an impressive track record in helping hundreds of parents find tutors that make a difference in their children's grades and lives. At AGrader, it's not just about finding the best home tutor but also the right tutor that will fit your requirements as well as your child's learning style.

Our experience in the tuition industry has also allowed us to match tutors, taking into consideration a wide range of budgets. From undergrads and full-time tutors to school teachers, we have attracted the best tutors to match your needs.

We started AGrader tuition agency because we have an in-depth understanding of the education system in Singapore. With the scope of activities students take part in ever-expanding, from CCAs to projects, the time left to become well-acquainted with the syllabus has shrunk. Home tuition is one of the best ways to improve your child's academic work. A home tutor will be able to provide an extra pair of hands to guide your child along in his studies, plan a study schedule when exams are approaching, and even provide new insights on his study material.

We have a straightforward, effective and friendly tutor-matching service. How do you choose from the numerous tutors in our database? We make it easy for you by verifying the tutors' qualifications such that they are a good match with what you are looking for. Our database provides critical information needed for you to make a good choice, with transparency that allows you to view the tutor's background information.

In addition, we collect feedback about the tutors so that you can better understand their strengths and specialisations as well as their methods. Different tutors have different teaching styles and we give you the prerogative to choose what you think will make the most difference to your child's education. With a click, you can view the testimonials from parents who have optimised our tutor matching services and reaped great rewards. You can even view them in handwritten form, demonstrating how useful this service has been for parents.

We place great importance on your satisfaction. Our site's database tries to give you the closest match to what you're looking for and we pride ourselves in doing our best to provide you with a wide variety of good tutors, at your finger tips. There is no obligation to confirm any tutor and we will not force you to take up any home tutor. We pride ourselves in doing it right so you see improvement in your children's results.

Tuition agencies are here to make that happen. Simply fill out the Tutor Request form or start browsing through the profiles of suitable tutors in our Search Tutors tab for your ideal home tutor. Make a difference in your child's education today.

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    (10 - Jun - 2015)

    We have successfully started our Learning Centre in Jurong West, with over 500+ enrollments in less than a year. Visit us at: 6 Jurong West Avenue 1 #B1-00 (S)649520, Jurong Green Community Club Website: Facebook page:

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